ATIP - Accelerator Toolbox Interface for Pytac

ATIP is an addition to Pytac, a framework for controlling particle accelerators. ATIP adds a simulator to Pytac, which can be used and addressed in the same way as a real accelerator. This enables the easy offline testing of high level accelerator controls applications.

ATIP is hosted on Github here.

The python implementation of Accelerator Toolbox (pyAT) is used for the simulation.

ATIP allows an AT lattice to be fitted into the simulation data source of a Pytac lattice. This integrated lattice acts like a normal Pytac lattice, and enables the AT simulator to react and respond to changes as the real accelerator would.

ATIP also makes use of a Cothread thread to recalculate and update the stored physics data any time a change is made to the lattice.

ATIP can also be run in a standalone application as a “virtual accelerator”, publishing the same control system interface as the live machine. At Diamond Light Source this has been implemented with EPICS, using PythonSoftIOC. This functionality is not documented here but an explanation of how it works and how to use it may be found in the .rst files inside ATIP’s virtac directory.


Note that you need an AT lattice that is compatible with Pytac. Some are provided in atip/rings/, otherwise try running the Matlab function atip/rings/create_lattice_matfile.m with an AT lattice loaded.

>>> import pytac
>>> import atip
>>> # Load the DIAD lattice from Pytac.
>>> lat = pytac.load_csv.load('DIAD')
>>> # Load the AT sim into the Pytac lattice.
>>> atip.load_sim.load_from_filepath(lat, 'atip/rings/diad.mat')
>>> # Use the sim by default.
>>> lat.set_default_data_source(pytac.SIM)
>>> # The initial beam position is zero.
>>> lat.get_value('x')
array([0., 0., 0., ..., 0., 0., 0.])
>>> # Get the first horizontal corrector magnet and set its current to 1A.
>>> hcor1 = lat.get_elements('HSTR')[0]
>>> hcor1.set_value('x_kick', 1, units=pytac.ENG)
>>> # Now the x beam position has changed.
>>> lat.get_value('x')
array([0.00240101, 0.00240101, 0.00239875, ..., 0.00240393, 0.00240327,

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